The Rahma Fund wants to guide ambitious young people to realize their professional dreams. Men and women who have made it in their working life, as an entrepreneur or as a top manager at a company, are linked to young ambitious talents.

We match supply and demand by focussing on the qualities, experience, and needs of the participating mentors and mentees. The mentor assists his / her mentee in the business field and supports them to realize growth in their company or to a next step in their career.

Mentors and mentees act as a sounding board for each other. In principle, this connection is entered into for a three-year period. The fund remains involved with the mentee for the next four years.

The professionals receive intervision support in their role as mentors. In this way they also benefit from the connection with the network.

Obviously, a mentee can be a mentor in a different setting. In addition to one-to-one contact, meetings are organized for all mentors and mentees.

In addition to an informative and inspiring aspect, these meetings also have the goal of growing as a network.

The fund aims for diversity. We strive with the trainers for a diverse network with a fifty-fifty relationship between men and women.

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You want to become a member of our network, want more information about our activities, costs etc? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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