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“The life story of a Moroccan businesswoman”

In my book you read how I travelled the road to freedom as a 16-year-old girl, to become a successful entrepreneur awarded with an honour. The road I travelled was long and hard. Multiple people wanted to keep me small instead of helping me grow. Still, I succeeded, I gained my liberty!I wish every woman, the liberty that I have.


Who is Rahma

Out of nothing Rahma built a company with 500 employees. Besides that, she struggled with her loved ones and her surrounding to be free!


In the media...

Rahma is often invited by the media to share her story. You can find it here..

Rahma's Fund

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With a diverse business network, the Rahma fund is committed to achieve a more diverse top in the Dutch business.

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“The life story of a Moroccan businesswoman”

Rahma is a frequently asked speaker. With passion and tastefull anecdotes she is an inspiring speaker for every audience.

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